This TOEFL book guide to the TOEFL iBT includes short descriptions of every section of the test and information on what is expected of you. You will learn how to construct your answers and integrate the four skills needed to demonstrate English-language proficiency: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

ePrepz TOEFL Prep

The TOEFL guide is based on a collection of blog posts. The guides your trough the TOEFL exam and tells you what you can expect from the test and how to approach it.

Readers will gain valuable experience and raise their confidence by becoming more familiar with the format, reviewing critical concepts, test-taking approaches, and focused sets of practice questions based on the actual TOEFL test. Learn how to identify and answer every question in the test.

Students will benefit from the many innovative tips the guide offers.

TOEFL guide includes:

Test-taking tactics for the exam as a whole, and special strategies for each part of the test

Subject reviews covering critical reading, grammar and usage, speaking skills and listening comprehension skills

Detailed instruction in writing the required TOEFL writing section

Proven test-taking strategies that make the difference between a good score and a great score.

In the end no TOEFL book can substitute taking practicing tests and learning by doing. So make sure both aspects are included in your preparation for the TOEFL test.


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